A rug can contain memories. It can mediate stories. Stories of           cultures...stories of weavers...A rug can define a space; it can create new memories in that space.   Dila & Mathilda invites you to create new stories and new memories with the rugs bringing the silent narratives of ancient cultures into everyday life.
Early traces of weaving have been found in Anatolia in the prehistoric settlement, Çatalhöyük (çatal: fork, höyük: tumulus). Weaving spindles and needles were found from the archeological excavations which show us the long-lasting history of the artof weaving in human life. As one can create textiles for various use by weaving, rug weaving was one of the most essential practices in Anatolia.

Rugs of Anatolia consist of countless distinctive motifs that are more than mere ornament. These symbolic motifs reflect the cultural, social, and religious mechanisms, they reveal the life of the society with its mythological dimensions. The motifs in Anatolian rugs also became a means of non-verbal communication reflecting abstract, unspeakable emotions and thoughts. They say that the ones who know the language of the rugs may read rugs as a story told by the weavers.

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